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Pain management programme always aims at providing pain relief and restoration of normal function of part of body/individual. Pain relief is provided by either pharmacological methods or interventions. Physiotherapy as the word itself indicates is a therapy wherein pain relief and mobilization is provided by physical means like heat and cold, traction, manipulation and electrical stimulation. This therapy is an useful adjunct to conventional methods to provide pain relief and restoration of normal function. There are various methods discussed under physiotherapy. Some of them have proven benefit, while others are undergoing trials. Before any modality of physiotherapy is thought of, certain factors have to be considered.

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Medical Management

This is the cornerstone of the pain management option. This gives an opportunity for the tissues to heal on their own with support of medications. Usually the treatment period can last from 2 to 6 weeks. As an adjunct certain exercises, physiotherapy measures and some controlled activities might be suggested. Sometimes the treatment might be for longer period where control of pain is possible but not cure from pain. Commonly used medications are painkillers, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, unconventional painkillers. The details of these medications are beyond the current discussion context. However interested readers can pickup any book on pain management to update them.

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