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The cervical spines (spinal column of neck), especially upper three contribute a significant proportion to headache problems. The lower cervical spine pathologies usually contribute to neck pain. The degenerative (age related) or traumatic (accident) reasons for atlantooccipital (AO) and atlantoaxial (AA) joints (both are upper cervical spine joints) contributing to headache are not uncommon. Especially the headache, which gets aggravated by movements of head, could be because of some pathology in upper cervical spine. With the increase in number of aged population, soon we might have increase in incidence of these kinds of headaches.

Reduced movement of head nodding (AO joint) and head rotation in horizontal plane (AA joint) should raise suspicion about joint pathologies. The neck movements can be painful because of intrajoint adhesions, capsular scarring or local muscle irritability.

The condition is managed with rest, analgesics, muscle relaxants and if necessary neck support. If these measures fail then AO or AA injections are performed with medicated solutions.

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