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Therapies » Interventions » Head & Neck » Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Injection

Transforaminal epidural injections are indicated as a therapeutic intervention based upon a multitude of considerations, including the fact that the common source of chronic spinal pain involving the neuraxial compartment is accessible to transforaminal epidural injections, removal or even correction of structural abnormalities of the spine may fail to cure & may even worsen painful conditions, degenerative processes of the spine & the origin of spinal pain are extremely complex, & the effectiveness of a large variety of therapeutic interventions in managing chronic axial pain has not been demonstrated conclusively. It is done under local anaesthesia under X-ray assistance. Once desired location is reached, the medicated solution is injected. 

  1. Patients are advised of sensory changes related to local anaesthetic & expectation that symptoms will return or increase following the procedure.
  2. Increased symptom may be managed with rest, ice, & appropriate use of analgesics.
  3. Pain diaries to be maintained
  4. Patient should be re-evaluated in 2 weeks.
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