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Textbook of Pain Management 3rd Edition - 2014

About The Book


True to the above words, perhaps the most important factor in the revolution in pain management has been evolution in the attitude of individuals who are no longer willing to suffer pain in silence. Scientific discoveries that explain some of the most perplexing features of pain have facilitated this change in attitude. It has been our constant effort to put scientific in front of our readers. This is one of them.

We have travelled quiet a distance in publishing two editions of widely read “Textbook on Pain Management”. With each edition release we are learning a lot by collecting inputs from our keen readers. We are indebted to your support, suggestion, critics and encouragement. But for your valuable suggestions, we would not have grown this far.

The first edition was released in 2005 with contributions from 2 authors (from same state, namely Andhra Pradesh) containing 61 chapters. The second edition was published in 2009 with contributions from 6 authors (from different states in India). The third edition is coming in front of you with contributions from more than 70 authors (spread over entire world) containing 114 chapters. This speaks volumes about the substance, value and popularity of the content and presentation.

The third edition is coming in front of you with addition of new chapters, pictures, illustrations and content developed by our famed faculty from all over the globe. This would have been possible without contribution from our esteemed contributing authors. They are academicians par excellence who are well aware of the current trends in pain management. The contributors are all actively involved in clinical and/or research work, so the text written by them reflects their real hands on experience. Their effort reflects in improving depth of discussion in the book.

This book contains eight parts: General Considerations, Basic Sciences, Pain Syndromes, Acute pain, Interventions, Advanced Therapy, Pain in Special Situations and Adjuncts in Pain management. Every part has been written keeping the basic science and latest developments in view. The reader will find it easier to understand the disease process and the relevant treatment. The language is simple and the discussion extensive. As ever we have been focussing on the evidence based medicine, guidelines and as an value addition we have added information from much acclaimed Cochrane Review where ever it was available and appropriate.

You will find the information in third edition ‘a cut above the rest’. We have raised the bar of standard pain management principles by few notches above the prevailing practice. We hope you will accept this book with open arms and support the way you supported the first two editions. It has been a great journey so far, we know that we have miles to go before reaching the destination. We also believe in those words ‘journey of thousand miles also begins with first step’. The first two steps have already been taken; it is time for third step i.e. third edition. We present you this bouquet of pearls and priceless gems wrapped with immortal scientific knowledge.