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Pain Clinics 1st Edition - 2011

About The Book

It has been our constant effort to put creative work in front of our readers. With each book getting released from our institute, we are learning a lot by collecting inputs from readers. But for your valuable suggestions we would not have grown this far.

It was one of these kinds of suggestions that were the reasons for this book to be written. The textbook on pain management has been doing a great job. One of the reader commented it is nice to know all the pain problems and their solutions; but we have been groping in dark about ‘how to start a pain clinic?’ ‘am I qualified to run the unit?’, ‘will it be a success?’, these and many questions have been pondering us a lot. Probably these questions were acting like a hindrance to initiate the Pain Clinic process at individual and institution level.

This book on Pain Clinics is divided into twelve sections dealing with various aspects of the title. It starts with introduction about pain management and pain treatment services. Then it moves onto requirements, establishing and organising the pain treatment facility. Subsequently it deals with common pain syndromes seen in pain clinic, evaluation of pain patients and golden rules of interventional pain management. This is immediately followed by documentation and economics of the unit. Finally it culminates in annexure dealing with posture, physical exercises, desk stretches and web facts.

We hope you will accept this book with open arms and support the way you have supported 'Textbook on Pain Management' two editions. It has been a great journey so far, we know that we have miles to go before reaching the final destination. We also believe in those words 'journey of thousand miles also begins with first step'.

I hope this book will stimulate much greater attention to this subject, especially in our medical postgraduate and undergraduate training, which will result in the acceptance by all health care professionals that pain care and prevention should enjoy the highest priority. The practicing pain clinicians should be able to reinforce their knowledge and skill after going through this book.