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Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common joint diseases; as much as 80% of the population have radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis by the age of 65. Actually, the degeneration in the joints starts by the age of 20 years and manifests clinically by 35-40 years. Although only about 60% of patients with radiographically detectable OA have symptoms, 15 to 30% of all visits to general practitioners may be attributed to difficulty with ambulation, largely due to OA. 

The main risk factors for OA are aging, obesity, injury and birth defects. The association of obesity is stronger for bilateral than for unilateral disease and more marked in women than in men. Increased weight precedes the presentation of knee OA and is not a consequence of disease. Being overweight increases the amount of force across a weight bearing joint


The most commonly encountered osteoarthritis (OA) conditions in pain clinic happen to be of hip and knee. It usually involves one or possibly few joints, and joint pain is the earliest and the dominant sign. Systemic symptoms do not occur. Symptoms may have usually been present for several years by the time patient seeks medical advice. Most of the symptoms and treatment options are similar, hence both disorders will be discussed together.


1. Pain around the joint, increases by weight bearing 
2. Pain improves with rest
3. Early morning stiffness
4. Swelling of joint areas