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Pain Problems » Body Ache » Myofascial Pain

Many long-standing pain syndromes are ill understood even to this day. Amongst this group, myofascial pain is one of the leading clinical conditions. It is so common, people often start living with the discomfort & clinicians label them as psychiatry patients. These musculoskeletal pain syndromes are overlapping syndromes, variants of muscle pains that otherwise healthy individuals suffer.

Patients usually report regionalized aching & poorly localized pain in the muscles & joints. They also may report sensory disturbances such as numbness in a characteristic of distribution. The type & site of pain depends on the muscle involved. Onset may be of short duration after a specific event or accident (ex.- moving quickly in an awkward position) or long standing form poor posture or overuse. Patients might report sleep disturbances. Some of them report muscle weakness in specified group of muscles