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Fiction 'Hamlet to Hilton' - 2012

About The Book

Meet Girish Pandit, the 'little mouse': honest, hard working, knowledgeable but guilty. Over the course of ten episodes in chilling hospital surroundings, Girish narrates the story.

Born in a remote village of India which had neither electricity nor sanitation, Girish grew in surroundings of unhygienic and blind faith surroundings. He had his initial education in temple school and migrated to a town along with their family. As he grew up in a colony which was part of sugar industry, was exposed to hardship of childhood and corporate India’s other face, which was shocking and changed his mindset.

The black soot emanating from the industry slowly started making the life of colony people dependent on the industry darker. Slowly the industry slows its operations to finally close it on fine morning. The people dependent on the unit go into shell shocked mode. All their dreams shattered, life of whole family ruined they are left in midstream to get drowned. Some of them manage to reach shore (lucky ones) but most of them got drowned.

The 'Hamlet to Hilton' is a tale of the industrial revolution and corporate mismanagement. Girish Pandit’s journey from remote hamlet to a corporate hospital is relevant to contemporary India. Many people still suffer in silence for all corporate misadventure & pay penalty for a crime which they never committed.