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If you are unable to work because of pain, Pain restricts your daily activities, You had pain lasting more than 3 months , You are feeling depressed because of unrelieved pain, Nothing you have tried is working to relieve pain. 

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Chronic and Cancer pain can be managed

New Pain Management techniques enable to minimize or reduce chronic pain. Palliative pain management techniques completely reduce the severity giving great relief to the critically ill cancer patients

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Comprehensive Text Book on Pain Management

This book encompasses the basic sciences, clinical evaluation, chronic pain syndromes, investigations, treatment, rehabilitation, advanced pain therapy and alternate therapy in a detailed way. Each section has been crafted with lot of precision so that it is pleasant to read any time.

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Interventional Pain Management
Videos Lessons

First time in the world, Interventional Pain Management procedure videos made available on Android Mobile / Web Browsers

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Pain Management eLearning courses

There is a dearth of physicians with pain management expertise. To address this problem we are offering well designed courses in pain management.

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Patient Testimonials

»  A businesswoman came with severe backache limiting her activity completely. After evaluation was found to have facet joint (small joints interconnecting the parts of back bone) degeneration. She underwent facet joint denervation under X-ray guidance and had very good pain relief. Next day she was back to her work.

»   A gentleman who had developed chicken pox (herpes zoster) was suffering from very severe pain, to the extent he had attempted suicide to get rid of the problem. He visited the pain clinic in desperation to find an answer for her problem. He was found to have post herpetic neuralgia. Under computed tomography (CT) guidance he underwent chemical lumbar sympathectomy, which gave him immediate complete relief. He was grateful to whole team.

»  A college going young girl was brought by her mother. The girl was suffering from headache. The headache used to begin half an hour after the start of class and would continue till evening. After ruling out organic pathology, it was detected that the girl hardly used to eat anything out of fear of gaining weight. The girl was told about the need for nutrition and regular physical activity to keep her fit. Three months after the discussion, the girl walked into pain clinic saying that she has secured distinction in board exams and she no longer gets headache.

»  55-year-old gentleman was diagnosed to have cancer of stomach in advanced stage. His main problem was excruciating back pain and upper abdominal pain. None of the medications could give him relief. He was advised CT guided celiac plexus block, following which he had dramatic pain relief immediately.

»  42-year-old gentleman diagnosed to have trigeminal neuralgia. He was on medications for 18 long years without much benefit. When he visited pain clinic, he was found to have a pain triggering point over his gum of molar tooth. He was given local anaesthetic injection along with steroids over the trigger point. This gave him good relief. Two more sittings gave him long lasting relief from pain. Now he is a happy man not on any medications.

»  A 32-year-old lady came to pain clinic accidentally after seeing a brochure regarding pain clinic. She was suffering from endometriosis for which she was put on hormone therapy, analgesics and so many other medications. All in vain, finally she was told that she would have to live with pain for life. Patient was evaluated in pain clinic and was advised to undergo superior hypogastric plexus diagnostic block. The procedure relieved most of her complaints; subsequently the procedure was performed using a long acting agent. Now she is leading a happy life free from earlier pain.

About Dr. Muralidhar Joshi

Name: Muralidhar Joshi
Qualification: MD,DNB
Designation: Director, Pain Management Centre
Institute: Virinchi Hospitals, Road No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Area of special Interest: Pain Education, Interventional Pain Managem
Experience: 25 Years
No of Publications: 6 Books & 12 Articles


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